Spider-Verse: Warzones! TPB


Spinning out of the blockbuster Spider-Verse event, a team of Spiders finds themselves face-to-face with Battleworld! Spider-Gwen, Spider-Man Noir, Spider-Man: India, Spider-Girl, Spider-UK and Spider-Ham are outmatched in a world where none of them belong – and face-to-face with Mayor Norman Osborn! This can’t end well. Now, as Gwen Stacy explores her past and Spider-Man Noir goes on the run, the multiversal Spiders race against time – and Osborn – to discover exactly what force brought them all together! Could a possible key to victory be found in the porky paws of Spider-Ham? A new team of Web Warriors is formed as Battleworld gives up its secrets!

Collecting SPIDER-VERSE (2015) #1-5.

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